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Heading Out West

It’s taken me twelve months, a study abroad program, a three-month internship in France, two horrible part-time jobs, and a crap load of patience, but a week ago I was finally accepted for my first post-college job. YES!!!

I will be working as a multimedia journalist in the town of Fairview, Alberta, located northwest of Edmonton. It’s a long way from where I am right now, but it’s as good a place to start as any. Besides, the newspaper belongs to SunMedia. I can start there and maybe in a few years move up to Edmonton, Calgary, or even Toronto. Of course for the first few months I will be on probation since it is my first job, but I fully intend to prove I was the right choice. I am in and I plan on staying in.

When you spend your weeks going to the job office, you always hear people telling you that you will eventually make it and you just have to be patient. You hear that, but you don’t believe it because you keep failing. But then you get that one phone call where you are prepared, you have the experience needed, you have the know-how, and you just might get the answer you have been waiting for. I love it when a plan comes together!

So now I have until October 1 to get my butt to Fairview. I am heading into unfamiliar territory since I have never lived out west before, although I did spend three months in Vancouver in 2009. Still, I have lived in Quebec, Newfoundland, Chili, Peru, and France. The least you can say is I can adapt to a new environment.

The big challenge right now is getting there. I have to find a place to live, buy a car, get insurance, and pack enough clothes in my suitcases to last through fall and winter. Suffice it to say, I will use one of those baggage carts at the airport. In the meantime I am spending a lot of time doing online research since it’s really difficult to rent a room or an apartment when the place you are moving to is three provinces away. At least I will be flying over those provinces. I hear it’s a very boring landscape:

What does the future hold after this? Hard to say. Right now I don’t even know if I will be able to make it home for Christmas, and if I do it will be one heck of an interesting plane ride. Career-wise I still hope to one day be able to do coverage of a major film festival, such as TIFF, or the mother of all film festivals, Cannes. Until then, I will still write on my blog, write movie reviews for Examiner, and watch every single movie I can get my hands on, whether they are on IMAX or off my computer.

I am like Tim Robbins in “The Shawshank Redemption.” (Spoiler alert) I don’t care if it takes me twenty years to get through that wall and then I have to crawl through a pipe: eventually, I achieve my goal.


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