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France: Take 2

This has been a busy week. After having a phone conversation with my dad and receiving input from a friend via Facebook, I decided to call Radio-Canada Windsor on Monday to get a straight answer regarding my job application. Then I would decide whether to call the internship agency in Quebec and let them know if I am in for France this summer.

So after calling Windsor and reaching an answering machine, calling again and being told the person I wanted to reach was gone for the week, I finally spoke to someone in charge and explained the situation. I told her I had had an interview on February 22 for the position of videographer and was told someone would call me about technical tests I had to take, but I needed an answer now because I had been given another offer. They finally called back that afternoon and told me that no, I did not have the job. Two reasons: number one, not enough experience. Number two, not enough knowledge of local news.

I actually thought I had done a good job regarding local news, but clearly they wanted me to know every single event that took place in Windsor and tell them why I had chosen that particular news. You always have to say why.

As for the lack of experience, it seems pretty clear now I need to get more. I don’t regret participating in the ieiMedia program last July, but in this job market one month studying abroad is not enough to get you a job. Hopefully three months interning at a university radio in northern France should do the trick. So I emailed both the radio station and the internship agency to let them know I was accepting the internship if the offer was still on the table. They are a lot faster than Radio-Canada: by Tuesday they had said yes and were already sending forms for me to fill out.

This sort of reminds of that scene in “Forrest Gump” when Tom Hanks is telling someone how he went to the White House “again” and met the president “again.” It was great the first time, but after the second and third time it kind of loses its zing. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked I am going to France, but I would have preferred getting a full-time job. This will be my second trip in two years and I was really hoping the first time around would at least get me an assistant’s job somewhere.

At least it has helped get my foot through the door. Since I started my job search last August I’ve had a good six interviews with different news agencies. I even flew to Toronto for an interview with SunNews. In retrospect I should have probably asked if we could have done it over Skype and saved a plane ticket, but at least they were interested.

Come next August I am hoping they will be interested enough to actually give me a shot once I nail that ever so challenging interview. I would hate to find myself in the exact same situation I was in last December: stuck at home, sending resumes for a full-time job, and having to get a part-time job in order to pay for Christmas presents.

At least now with the part-time job I know I will have enough money for the trip to France. The internship agency and the radio station cover some of the costs so I should be fine.

Also on the plus side I’ve never been to the region of Rouen in France. I could probably blog about it on the same tumblr account I used for the Perpignan project last year. That’s something else I can talk about in interviews: I am getting really busy with social media. I have a twitter account, two Facebook pages, an account on Blogger, and my own website. I also recently started writing movie reviews on Of course the problem with the internet is that it is very difficult to actually make any money with it.

Hopefully by the end of this year, I will not only have experience, enough money to buy season 2 of “The Wire,” but also my first real job. Fingers crossed.



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